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Mass production of clay roof tiles in Europe in the 60’s succeeded in reducing costs and making clay competitive again, but the tiles looked mass produced and lost much of their ‘handmade’ charm. Clay manufacturers responded by introducing softer colour palettes and textures and the market in Europe is now swinging back to clay.

This trend back to clay is occurring in South Africa as well, and Mazista is in the forefront of development vis-a-vis our introduction of the Vineyard Clay Roof System.

This system has a lightweight, inexpensive sub-structure, with a beautiful layer of natural clay tiles on top. The system combines the best of the old and the new, and now makes a real clay roof much more affordable. Mazista is now adding a range of clay colours, textures and profiles that will allow architects the freedom to create the effect they want. Clay culture is just beginning to reclaim its rightful place in the world of modern architecture.

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