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Cleaning After Laying the Tile

During grouting make sure allexcess grout is removed from the surface with clean water. Attempting to cleanthe grout off the surface with dirty water and/or dirty cloth or sponge doesnot clean the surface. Use Easy Cleanor Grout Off to remove any residue and stains and toneutralize the surface before sealing.


Easy Clean

Easy Clean is a powerful alkalinedegreaser and neutralizer.  Easy Cleanmust be diluted as instructed for general cleaning purposes.  Easy Clean is specially formulated to cost effectivelyclean surfaces that have been soiled with oils, greases and general grime.  Easy Clean is free from ammonia andphosphates and is non - abrasive.  Veryimportantly easy clean is used to neautralise surfaces after they have beenwashed with acids.

Grout Off

Grout Off is a special blend ofacids and detergents specifically formulated to remove grout and mortarresidues from porous and non - porous surfaces. Unlike conventional hazardous acids, grout off is designed for safetywhen cleaning.  Grout Off containsinhibitors to prevent fumes from attacking metal components associated withbuildings.  Grout Off's powerful formulamakes it cost effective when diluted. 

Choosing a Sealer

When sealing Quartzite, there arethree types of sealers you may use; which is Invisible Seal, Deep Seal and Top Seal.  The sealers give different finishes tothe tile and protect the tile in a different manner. It is essential to checkthe features of the sealer before choosing.

Invisible Seal

Invisible Sealer is an invisibleclear silicone sealer that will maintain the natural look of the tile.  Invisible Sealer may be used on low porositytiles only (e.g. terracotta, granite, marble and porcelain), and will repelwater and most oils.  Invisible Sealer isUV stable and suitable for interior and exterior applications.  Invisible Sealer penetrates into the tile andtherefore maintains the anti - slip factors of the tile.

Deep Seal

Deep Seal is a durable twin packurethane sealer with extra stain resistance. Deep Seal penetrates and bonds with the tile thereby strengthening,sealing and protecting the tile from wear and tear.  Deep Seal is suitable for low to mediumporosity tiles (e.g. terracotta, slate, marble, granite, porcelain).  Deep Seal enhances the natural colour of thetile and dries to matt/sheen finish. Deep Seal is UV stable and may be used for interior and exteriorapplications.  Deep Seal is pre measuredso as to allow easy and accurate mixing.

Top Seal

Top Seal is a tough and durablesurface sealer that protects a tiles surface from wear and tear.  Top Seal may be used on terracotta andslate.  Top Seal's pure formula gives itsuperior durability and finish.  Top Sealis used whenever protection from traffic is required.  Top Seal is easy to apply and will quicklydry to a gloss finish.  Top Seal is waterbased making it possible to wash and seal on the same day.  Top Seal is UV stable and suitable forinterior and exterior applications.


Quick Clean

Quick Clean is an economical,hygienic and neutral cleaner for frequent tile cleaning.  Quick clean contains antibacterial additivesand is especially effective on porcelain floors.  Quick Clean is easy and safe to use and isstreak free.  Quick Clean contains noharmful chemicals and is biodegradable. Quick Clean will not attack or breakdown sealers or polishes.  Quick Clean may be used on any tile and hardsurface including sealed surfaces.  QuickClean has a pleasant fragrance and is extremely economical to use due to thedilution rate.  All of the aboveproperties make Quick Clean the ultimate cleaner for every tiled floor.

Maxi Shine

Maxi Shine is a long lasting, self- shining anti slip polymer polish.  MaxiShine is frequently used by contractors for a durable high gloss finish.  Maxi Shine's high polymer formula gives itsuperior life and performance.  MaxiShine is used whenever a gloss finish is required or where added surfaceprotection is needed.  Maxi Shine mayonly be used for interior applications. 

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